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One of our stables most consistent horses WHITLAM was today fairwelled. In order for Australian Bloodstock and its clients to make money with the horses there comes a time when the hard decisions must be made and whilst they might seem harsh to some – we run our horses like a business and one of our most consistent horses had to leave .

Whitlam was purchased from a tried horse sale for just $38,000 this year and despite some sceptics our faith in our form anaylsis again proved to be spot on.

In fact the four horses purchased from Darley/Woodlands have all been gold mines. Cardinal Virtue,Master of Design ,Whitlam and Dealers all managed to win us well over $150k and up to $1m dollars

In just 7 starts Whitlam was able to win 2 Saturday city races and place a further 2 times. In 7 starts he earnt his owners 6 cheques only failing last start when he reared in the gates and missed the start by 6 lengths.

Whitlam proved to be a very sound horse and including the sale prize earnt his very happy connections well over a $200,000 result. Not bad for a few months of ownership.

Whitlam will now head to South Australia where if he holds his form should continue to earn his new owners plenty of money.

Whitlam is just one example of if managed correctly horses can make you money !

So get involved if you like to make money and have some fun as we have a couple of likely prospects at present

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