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What are the ongoing costs?

We don’t a make a mark up on training fees so you only pay what we pay. The ongoing costs are below.

We charge a management fee of only $22 per month per share. So if you have 2.5% or 10% it’s still just $22.

Training Fees: Because you only pay what the trainer charges, the amount will vary month to month.

For a 5% share budget on $80 per month when the horse is spelling (resting).
For a 5% share budget on $240 per month when the horse is in full work.

How are my stakes winnings paid?

For 5% share holders and above you are paid directly by the state racing body that the horse raced in. Racing NSW pays twice per month, Racing Victoria and QLD weekly. 

2.5% shareholders are paid out from Australian Bloodstock as you are part of our syndicate. We pay out twice per month.

Will I get to help name my horse?
Yes. The naming process is done via a vote, everyone puts in their preferred names and they are collated, everyone then votes with the top 3 being submitted to the racing authority.
What race-day privileges do I get?

Going to the races is the best way to enjoy your ownership experience! Celebrate the win and enjoy access to the winners room!
For each 5% share you get 1 x Members pass and 1 x Mounting Yard Pass plus 1 x Associate Members pass for a guest.
For each 2.5% share you get 1 x Members pass and 1 x Mounting Yard Pass plus 1 x Associate Members pass for a guest.

We have excellent relationships with our wonderful Australian racetracks and generally we can get extra entry and mounting yard passes on request 🙂

 For more info please see our Be Involved page.

Will I be able to visit my horse?
Yes, you just need to contact us and book a time. Generally Sundays are not available.
How long until my horse races?
Every horse is different, some will be 2yo runners and other later, both Australian Bloodstock and your trainer will keep you updated regularly on the progress and likely start of your horse. It’s worth remembering there is approx. 22,000 horses born each year in Australia and only around 2000 of them run as 2yr olds. All our stock are fully educated during this period but we don’t rush our horses, if they show they are ready to race then we race them, if not we be patient and wait till they are ready.
Do I get updates on how my horse is going?

Yes, you will receive regular updates via video and audio from both us and your trainer.

Do I own my horse forever?
Yes. You own your horses until we decide to sell or retire him or her.
What if my horse goes to stud?
If your horse goes to stud you will receive your % share of all profits that the horse makes, this can come in a one-off payment if the horse is sold outright or on ongoing income if the breeder only buys a portion of the horse.
How do Australian Bloodstock make money?
We charge a small commission of around 10% when we syndicate the horse, this fee is shown on your invoice. The $22 per month management fee is the lowest we can charge and covers costs associated with managing your horse.
Does Australian Bloodstock remain in the ownership group?

Yes we do, we keep from 10-30% of each horse we syndicate as we have confidence in our selection process and we are here to enjoy the thrill of racing also. You are brought in as a partner.

Do I pick where my horse runs?
Being in a syndicate with many other owners doesn’t lend itself to everyone having a say on where your horse runs. We employ the best trainers in the land so between us and them you will have your horse placed in the right races. Our main priority with each horse is to place them to advantage and where we think they will earn the biggest cheque.

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