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Below we have a list of horses for sale ranging from some quality yearlings from $1300 per share through to some Group class German Stayers through to Guaranteed Caulfield Cup and Melbourne Cup runners update. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. We have full information booklets on them all

German Group horse with huge upside for Sale

Overnight we have secured a lovely black / grey German horse who we believe has the ability to be a Group 2 horse here in Australia . He is lightly raced, will beat the handicapper here and is one of the best valued horses we have ever brought in comparison to the upside he offers. 5% share available

We have a selection of yearlings with sires such as : 1.myboycharlie 2. Tickets 3. Zoffany 4. Charge Forward 5. Nicconi 6. Canford Cliffs. The Nicconi and the Canford Cliffs especially have got some very big wraps from the breakers and all of them are forward 2yr old types. Prices from $1300 to $2700

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Guaranteed Caulfield Cup and Melbourne Cup Runner ????

After our success last year with Protectionist in the Melbourne Cup we want to this year not only try and win the Cup but have a good crack at winning either the Cox Plate along with the Caulfield and Melbourne Cup again. With the recent success of Europeans and the dollar working against us- its now clear to buy horses who are legitimate chances to win these races that $2m plus is needed and beyond the scope of most people. The horses who meet the qualification rules are therefore becoming too expensive and not worth the risk / reward equation. As an example a recent German Group 2 winner who is a nice horse just sold for $2m AUD plus and in our opinion his not good enough to run top 3

Therefore we are turning our focus to horses who have the ability to win these races and who meet certain criteria. As an example stride length, sectional times, and biomechanic models and algorithms that we use can now accurately predict horses that are Group 1 horses in the making but are horses who haven’t reached that level . However instead of buying them once they are exposed but qualified we are seeking expressions of interests from people who might be interested in investing into horses that we can buy immediately and then aim to qualify them by racing them in races that will ensure they become Guaranteed Runners. The theory here is we only have to spend about a third of the price to buy the same calibre horse that is selling for $2m AUD . The intention would be to qualify them in Europe and bring them down in the horses in training sale. To buy these Group 1 horses before they become exposed we still have to spend around $600 to $800k but if we do this we are supremely confident we can find some horses who will be genuine Group 1 horses in Australia


  • Since inception the business group of horses it owns or manages averages 24.90% runners to winners. No other syndicator is close to the this mark and its for this reason we are the most successful Syndicator in Australasia. In fact most syndicators don’t even advertise their strike rate and you know why that this !!
  • Since inception we have averaged a Group Winner or placegetter every single month for a strike rate of 52.3%
  • Australian Bloodstock expects and plans for success not hopes for it !
  • We don’t charge advertising fees
  • We don’t charge management fees
  • We don’t charge out our office and admin costs to owners
  • Our commissions are nowhere near our competitors
  • We Can afford to do all this as we race horses that actually make us money not cost us money
  • We spend our own money and invest in all horses offered and hence have a common goal of success
  • We never race a horse just for the sake of running it.
  • We only want city horses and success and offer a “get out of jail Card” whenever possible on our young horses- where if they don’t cut the mustard then they are traded to Asia
  • The communication from our Trainers, Kris Lees and David Payne is second to none
  • The average training bill for one of our horses is 30-40% cheaper than most others
  • Honesty is a big thing with us- you will also get told exactly how things are shaping up

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