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For those enquirying we now have full information available on our recent purchases. If you would like to ring or email us on can provide full details


  • Since inception the business group of horses it owns or manages averages 24.90% runners to winners. No other syndicator is close to the this mark and its for this reason we are the most successful Syndicator in Australasia. In fact most syndicators don’t even advertise their strike rate and you know why that this !!
  • Since inception we have averaged a Group Winner or placegetter every single month for a strike rate of 52.3%
  • Australian Bloodstock expects and plans for success not hopes for it !
  • We don’t charge advertising fees
  • We don’t charge management fees
  • We don’t charge out our office and admin costs to owners
  • Our commissions are nowhere near our competitors
  • We Can afford to do all this as we race horses that actually make us money not cost us money
  • We spend our own money and invest in all horses offered and hence have a common goal of success
  • We never race a horse just for the sake of running it.
  • We only want city horses and success and offer a “get out of jail Card” whenever possible on our young horses- where if they don’t cut the mustard then they are traded to Asia
  • The communication from our Trainers, Kris Lees and David Payne is second to none
  • The average training bill for one of our horses is 30-40% cheaper than most others
  • Honesty is a big thing with us- you will also get told exactly how things are shaping up

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