With the emergence of the talented young trainer Nathan Doyle, we’ve decided to team up with him to catch some of that magic he seems to have.

Our first horse in this collaboration is GAGO, a recent winner previously owned by the Ingham family. GAGO has shown great progress as a young zoustar horse, and despite its most recent win in provincial racing, it’s been making strides as a city horse.

Nathan Doyle’s location allows him to dominate the $120,000 Midway races, and GAGO seems like the perfect fit to win several of these races.

According to Luke Murrell from Australian Bloodstock, “We’ve been wanting to bring some horses under Nathan’s training to get into the Midway races for a while, and finally, we’ve found the right horse in GAGO.” Murrell is optimistic about GAGO’s potential, even suggesting that it might start as a strong favorite and win its next race, paving the way for city racing.

Acquiring GAGO required an investment of $65,000. Murrell believes this investment will quickly pay off given the current financial landscape in racing. GAGO arrived at Nathan’s stables looking impressive, a testament to the high standards of the Chris Waller camp.

Before GAGO enters city races, it will first participate in a Set Weights race under Nathan Doyle’s name to secure an initial victory and boost the venture’s financial side. Expect to see GAGO on the racetrack in about three weeks.

This is just the beginning of our partnership with Nathan Doyle, and we’re excited about the opportunities it holds. For anyone interested in getting involved with city-class horses, teaming up with us and Nathan could be a great and affordable way to do it.



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