With the yearling sales season just around the corner, we know you will have plenty of options and choices of horses to buy in the coming weeks, but we wanted to highlight why you should consider buying with us.

  • We are just about the only syndication company that keeps and buys shares for ourselves. Hence we back our judgement and put our money on the line, the same as you. The large majority of trainers and syndicators don’t do this, they buy a horse and then on-sell it, which hardly gives you confidence if they haven’t put their money where their mouth is!


  • Our research is second to none and the process and work that we put into the sale gives us such a unique advantage.

Some examples of this are. 

  • Pedigree Research: It is our opinion that almost every main buyer at the sales does minimal pedigree research. The reason that research is so important is there are just so many horses that have major pedigree hurdles to overcome just to win a race, let alone a good race. To give you an example there is a sire that averaged over $160,000 recently and his fillies on track have produced 3 stakes winners from over 120 runners. Or what about another sire who has had 170+ fillies run for 2 winners. My favourite example has over 300 yearlins in the catalogue and is a breeding trait that produces less than 1% stakes horses. You are wasting your time looking at these and we are not prepared to risk our money on a 1% chance.


  • Vendor Stats and analysis: This one we love. This particular stud averages over $130,000 for each and every horse it has sold at yearling sales. It has sold over 2600 horses and yet it has produced only 8 stakes horses, needless to say this is a farm we don’t look at given the miniscule chance of success.


  • Likewise there is a sire in the sale (Not Extreme Choice, Snitzel or I Am Invincible) who has 16.4% stakes horses, that’s freakish!


  • This year we will make public our biomechanics of each yearling purchased. This gives you confidence we are buying statistically speaking, superior moving athletes with all the right equipment in the right spot and working right.
  • We only charge 12.5% sales commission on each purchase.


  • Almost without exception, the people we are competing with are not spending their own money and hence they can easily spend or buy horses that they know full well are not “VALUE”. With us you know we will only buy value horses as we are staying in the horse and racing it with you.

By using our unique filtering process to eliminate poorly bred or statistically unlikely performers, then eliminating them based on where they have been raised, then eliminating them based on their biomechanics, we end up with a very specialised list which we will drill down harder on.

From here we analyse the direct pedigree nicks and crosses that work and that don’t. We place a big emphasis on the dam (mother), and on her ability to produce. For example if the mother was a country or provincial horse but has been to Snitzel, Not A Single Doubt or Redoute’s Choice, and only thrown provincial or midweek runners then we will eliminate her from the list.

Those 3 sires are statistically freakish and if she couldn’t produce a good horse from them, then we won’t take the risk. It’s no secret buying off younger mares who where lightly raced is a key edge and we love to try and find these hidden gems.

After all that research we have our short list, we then put what we think is fair value on each horse based on the above stats and head to the sales for final inspections and get ready to bid.

To be notified of our purchases as they come out of the ring please fill out an Expression Of Interest below and we will be in touch during the sales.

Want to race a Magic Millions yearling?

After another stella year with multiple Group 1’s including the Melbourne Cup, we cannot wait for the start of Magic Million in early January!

Come race with the best!



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