Skulduggery In Darwin !!!!!

Aug 22, 2010

Major Drama occurred on Saturday with Charge Up a Shock loser. Sent to the gates a hot odd's on favourite - all expected Charge up to go on his merry way of winning. However alarm bells where ringing in trainer David Jupp head before the race when the Jockey pleaded with the trainer to scratch the horse. Now to get the full story we have to wind back the clock to the first race of the day where the Jockeys horse was heavily backed and didn't perform. Charge up's work prior to the race was first class and better than ever and his bloodwork was perfect- however the jockey was of the believe the track was too hard and thought he might jar up ( bizarre to say the least !). David assured the jockey the horse would win easily and the harder the better - however- the jockey was not happy with that decision.

As the race jumped the horse was surprisingly 3 lengths slow to begin ( never been slow to begin in his life !!) and instead of hard riding the horse to catch up the jockey never attempted to improve his position and was beaten an amazing 33 lengths. The strange thing was the horse had no sweat marks or injury ( after being vetted post race by the Club Doctor) and could have easily raced again.
Upon returning to scale the jockey reported he jarred up !!! Needless to say a heated row occurred between trainer and Jockey and the stewards immediately conducted a hearing . Whilst the evidence was irrefutable the Stewards have adjourned the meeting until Monday


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