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Australian Bloodstock’s success over recent years hasn’t come through good luck and fortune. The research done on any potential purchase is for most people incomprehenable but it is a formula that has ensured that Australian Bloodstock and its clients leave no stone unturned.

Initially Australian Bloodstock started with just $20,000 and buying some provincial class horses in which we improved their form and in doing so won some money and then on sold for a profit. Since that very first horse Australian Bloodstock has been parlaying its success’ and profits into better and better quality stock. To such a extent that it now owns 3 of the worlds very best racehorses. This has all happened via being astute and parlaying our success to stage where our horses compete in the biggest races in the World.

Australian Bloodstock when it makes a purchase will normally race between 10 and 50% of any purchase depending on our cash flow at the time and being tight fisted with our money we back our own judgement and so far this has meant in all our purchases we have brought horses that where proven money makers.

Racing horses provides an unbelievable rush and is an amazing experience to see your horse cross the line in first place whether its a maiden at Scone or a Group 1 Germany Oaks- the feeling is hard to describe. Unfortunately though not all horses can be fast or win all the time and racing horses that are tired or slow is no fun for everyone. Too many people enter horse racing or are involved with horse racing with no plan or strategy and sadly squander millions of dollars with largely no success.

Australian Bloodstock’s mentality is different to all other participants in that we are racing horses to make money – yes make money and it can be done !. As an owner if you race a horse that is making you money you are looking at an owner having bucket loads of fun and an owner that will continue to invest and race good quality horses. Whether it be a Stallion prospect like Master of Design or a gelding that is being used as a trade horse our own experience and that of our owners is that if you are making money you are generally having fun.Likewise if your losing money your generally not having much fun.

Therefore after we do hours upon hours or research in finding the right horse we ensure our Vet gives it the final tick of approval and proceed with the purchase.

Once we have the horse we go about giving the horse to a horseman. For us its more important that our trainer knows what to do with a horse and how to get the best from that horse- rather than a trainer who is really just a PR MACHINE running a factory line type production. If a “horseman’ such as Kris Lees or Anthony Freedman get your horse then you can be assured they will get every ounce of ability from that particularl horse. When you then combine having a world class vet on hand to help prevent or assist that horses injuries or abilities then you can see why our Success has become so rapid. Kris Lees is sitting at over 26% strike rate for the season and Anthony Freedman over 22%- which is world class in any environment.
When these practises are implemented the following results then the following results come as no great surprise

• Since inception in 2008 Australian Bloodstock and all its horses have a winners to runners strike rate of 23.78% ( or a winner every 4.2 runners) and a Group Success strike rate of a Runner Running Top 3 of 48.7%.

• In the 2012/13 season Australian Bloodstock and its horses are striking at a massive 35.8% Runners to winners ( or a winner every 2.79 runners) and Black type success of 68%.

No other company or owner can boast these results in Australia and its something we are very proud to promote

All our owners Australian Bloodstock races horses with are treated as equals and everyone gets a fair say- with the end decision being left up to the trainer and whats best for the horses.

So if you have never raced a horse before or have raced horses and have had no luck- if you give us a try you wont be sorry

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