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The Australian Bloodstock Setup is very simple:

We source predominately tried horses of City Class and Group ability and aim to race them with the view of winning the big races. No one has much fun when they lose and horse ownership should be no different. We are after horses who can not only provide a lot of fun and enjoyment but also be a positive cash flow .Whether it be racing a potential stallion prospect or racing a filly to earn the valuable black type. We have not met an owner yet who doesn’t have fun making money!

Australian bloodstock sources these horses and then backs up its opinion and will normally own between 10-30% of any horse and we like to race with like minded people who have the hunger and desire to win some of the biggest races. Unlike the other syndicator’s we don’t charge management fees and when your racing with people who put their hard earned money into the horse- you can be assured everyone has the same goals in mind. Unfortunately the reason why so many syndicator’s fail is they are happy with mediocre or limited success as simple they are still collecting their fees win lose or draw. With us you get brutal honesty - we are not happy to race underperforming horses as then your simply throwing good money after bad. If a horse is looking like underperforming then we like to see them offered in the best light and moved on- before our money and value in that horse starts to erode.

We employ only the best in trainers and support staff and we are extremely pleased of our results. Our results are second to none when you consider our success versus the amount of horses we race versus our outlay- none of the other organisations get close.

City Results:

Every time they step on a metropolitan track they are winning 1 in every 4.2 runners. They are running Top 4 – 71% of the time. The best trainers in the land don’t have this strike rate

Group Races:

Since 2010 we have averaged a Group Winner or place gettor every month. Every time a runner is produced in a stakes race they run top 4 - 52.3%. That’s better than 1 in 2!

With results like these not only are you guaranteed to have plenty of fun - but your horses are earning you plenty of prize money. Click on the success and highlights page to see more of results - however for a little outlay why not come racing with us where you get genuine honesty plus genuine racetrack success.




Postal Address: PO BOX 208 Rutherford NSW, 2320 Australia
Phone: 0407 451 823

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